Mörling X Szabotage


The collaboration between Mörling and Szabotage created something that mixed graffiti art with textile design and at the center of the entire process were two engaged artists with a mind to make something new.

It all started with a meeting and it took off from there. They wanted to capture the spontaneous artstyle of Szabotage while reaining the minimalisit clean design of Mörling so the solution was straight forward. Charlotte created a simple dress that would be Szabotage’s canvas and to capture the spontaneity of Szabotage he was to paint the dress live in front of an audience.

Two hours before the show Charlotte and Szabotage sat squatting over the dress Szabotage was to paint and they discussed how to paint it and what colors and they just both clicked so when Szabotage stepped onto the stage to complete the project there were no worry, they both knew they would create something truly unique and special, and they did.

The entire collaboration has affected Charlotte Mörling and Mörling’s design where the collaboration gave the entire label a stronger street vibe, showing that Mörling textiles are for everyone and fits any style. It is fair to say that this was not the only collaboration between the two and plans are in motion, stay tuned!