Mörling Studios


Playfulness and free form design is what characterizes Mörling studios design language. We always strive to provide a high quality piece of clothing that lets you express yourself in a groundbreaking new way and truly to be unique. This way of thinking is embodied by Mörling’s founder Charlotte Mörling.

Charlotte Mörling is from a small town in Sweden with a not so staggering 13,000ish inhabitants. She started her design career in Paris under the tutelage of Koji Tatsuno. She fell in love with textile design when she moved to Hong Kong in 2015 and wandered through Sham Shul Po, where there were so many types of textiles that spoke to her. She decided to create her own design label in Hong Kong, even though the city almost turned her hair orange. Charlotte wanted a label which embodied the cutting edge, free form, minimalistic and clean design that has influenced her life and her view of art.

Mörling is always looking for new exciting ways to experiment with fashion and textile design. We cooperate with many different types of artists to create something truly unique and refreshing. This idea of creating something new is what drives Mörling and everyone working here.