Bespoke to Mörling is a piece of clothing hand made after your measurements, realizing a unique piece of craftsmanship from a artisan customer collaboration. The inspiration for every piece comes from the customer’s personality and body making every garment truly special. Here at Mörling the bespoke pieces that we create falls under the categories of minimal and casual chic. The garments are easy to complement and combine making it so that the piece you order always fits your wardrobe.




Every Bespoke piece from Mörling is designed and hand made by us so that every order gets the level of detail it deserves. Mörling always strives for perfection when it comes to every bespoke garment and we see every piece as a work of art. This is why we can achieve the high quality we want in our products. Both when it comes to the level of service in every order and in the actual garment we create. The designer handpicks the material going in to the piece, whether its pearls, thread or special fabric, Mörling’s designers choose the best for the piece.

Because Mörling creates every bespoke piece by hand every piece comes out unique. Every garment becomes a reflection of the designer and the customer, every garment becomes a part of our studios history and every garment becomes influenced by the creative atmosphere of Mörling and Hong Kong’s world of fashion.

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  • To order a bespoke piece you need to select the type of garment you want as well as submit your measurements according to the template of the piece (by request). 
  • We charge a 50% down payment through PayPal or business account transfer for the design proposal, material and selection of designs.
  • To finalise the product you are offered to come for a fitting.  The product will be shipped with the invoice.
  • If you need to adjust the garment there will be a form attached to the product so that we can perfect the piece for you according to your comments.

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