A new home


On a website close, close by...

Two web designers set out on a journey to make Mörlings face out to the world. To create a place where people can come in and experience everything that is Mörling. It's BESPOKE centerpieces, it's minimalistic design language and it's beautiful pieces of clothing which are all designed by Charlotte Mörling.

We as the web designers wanted to create a website which embodied Mörling's design and design language, to capture the who, what and whys of the company to create a true reflection of the Label. In the end this meant a minimalistic design with simple colors to create a canvas where images can pop out and provide an impactful impression on the visitor whilst still giving a minimalistic impression.

So have a look around Mörling's new home and enjoy not only a shopping experience but a visual journey into the brand that is Mörling. May the force be with you!

// Joakim Byvik, Tim Sjöblom